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About Us

FMC Protection Technologies Ltd is a complete protection service oriented company with core focus on adding value to every organization.
We aim to deliver state of the art solutions that will guarantee
the safety of lives and property. Our-business expertise covers electrical support services (Lightning & Surge protection &Earthpit Installation),Security-solutions ,Fleet Management & ERP Solution

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Our Areas of expertise:

1. Lightning Protection System (Installation & Maintenance).

2.Fleet Management System (Vehicle Tracking + Fuel Monitoring System)

3.Access Control with Time & Attendance System (Biometric/Password/RIFD)

4.ICT Solutions(Web-Development +SEO+ Payroll+Easy Accounting)

5.ERP Solutions (Pharma|Oil & Gas|Production)

6.Consultancy (Power & Control Solutions)

  • Lagos

Lightning Protection,Security Solutions


EXTERNAL PROTECTION against lightning provides protection to structures against physical damage and injuries for contact voltages and contact with human beings (read more)


Overvoltage Protection provides protection against electromagnetic impulses from lightning and to the electrical and electronic equipment located on the structures.(read more)


A well designed earthing system is essential for any electrical installation to avoid the danger associated with fault currents, as established in the main earthing standards…(read more)


Security & Automation Solutions

We provide solutions for security & surveillance stated below:
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Guard Monitoring Solutions
  • Video Door Phones
  • Door Frame & Hand metal detectors
  • Mobile Jammers & Boosters
  • Networking Solutions(Cabling & EPBX ) 
  • Tracking System  (read more)

ERP Solution with Mob App:

FMC Protection technologies in association with CCE soft India brings to you our flagship product Pharma ERP(A GMP Compliant Software)   which has been well adopted by many organization in India & Abroad .

We have three products for the pharmaceutical companies ..(read more)