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About Us

FMC Protection Technologies Ltd is a complete protection service oriented company with core focus on adding value to every organization.
We aim to deliver state of the art solutions that will guarantee
the safety of lives and property. Our-business expertise covers electrical support services (Lightning & Surge protection &Earthpit Installation),Security-solutions ,Fleet Management & ERP Solution

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Our Areas of expertise:

1. Lightning Protection System (Installation & Maintenance).

2.Fleet Management System (Vehicle Tracking + Fuel Monitoring System)

3.Access Control with Time & Attendance System (Biometric/Password/RIFD)

4.ICT Solutions(Web-Development +SEO+ Payroll+Easy Accounting)

5.ERP Solutions (Pharma|Oil & Gas|Production)

6.Consultancy (Power & Control Solutions)

  • Lagos

Lightning Protection,Security Solutions

 Who we are 

We are the number one experts in lightning and surge protection technology providing services in installations, maintenance, advisory and consultancy. We have at our disposal all the existing internationally certified state of the art lightning protection systems and are partners to the world foremost manufacturers of lighting protection technology, Aplicaciones Tecnologicas. We execute our projects on the platter of excellence, trust and integrity. Among the many projects executed are the installations of an lightning protection system (LPS) on Peace Global Satellite communication, ASCON Oil Hq, Niger Blossom 102 Oil Rig – Delta State, NNPC/ Pan Ocean Crude Oil Flow station – Ovhade, Delta State, Prince Bola AJibola and Barr Segun Ajibola’s two Duplex Apartments, Purechem Cements Ougun State,Glo Saka Tinubu & Oregun Site,Hyperia Vi,Ikeja & Apapa Sites to mention a few. We have also installed LPS in private homes, SMEs, Transmission lines and stations, Warehouses, supermarkets and oil storage facilities. The successful presence of our lightning and surge protection products in several international markets is the result of its effective adaptation to local needs and requirements.

Our Core Values

Our core values are centred around excellence, mutual respect, passion for the safety of our customers, trust, team work, and continuous learning; compelling us to conduct our business on the basis of uncompromising ethical principles; developing our people to realize the importance of environmental safety and be passionate about maintaining and deepening our customer relationships however difficult it tend to be. We encourage greater participation by building teams of employees who feel a heightened sense of joint involvement to make relevant day-to-day contribution to organizational decisions. And in the course of pursuing excellence, we ensure that our LPS are manufactured with each client's need/challenge in mind, providing a wide range of cost effective and reliable solutions that best suits their lightning protection needs.

Our Vision:

To be the one stop shop in the area of Lightning and surge protection.

Our Mission:

To market and deliver the highest quality lightning and surge protection products in Nigeria, utilizing all available strategies to provide complete protection to our clients.