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About Us

FMC Protection Technologies Ltd is a complete protection service oriented company with core focus on adding value to every organization.
We aim to deliver state of the art solutions that will guarantee
the safety of lives and property. Our-business expertise covers electrical support services (Lightning & Surge protection &Earthpit Installation),Security-solutions ,Fleet Management & ERP Solution

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Our Areas of expertise:

1. Lightning Protection System (Installation & Maintenance).

2.Fleet Management System (Vehicle Tracking + Fuel Monitoring System)

3.Access Control with Time & Attendance System (Biometric/Password/RIFD)

4.ICT Solutions(Web-Development +SEO+ Payroll+Easy Accounting)

5.ERP Solutions (Pharma|Oil & Gas|Production)

6.Consultancy (Power & Control Solutions)

  • Lagos

Lightning Protection,Security Solutions

If lightning strikes, is your home & office ready?
We provide range cost effective solutions for protection against Lightning strikes & Electrical hazards and also design Security Solutions in the field of Video Surveillance, Access & Attendance Management , Vehicle Tracking & Fuel Monitoring System ,Our ERP Solutions help the client to maintain a paper less office in Nigeria..
We are the leading experts in lightning and surge protection solution in Nigeria. Our area of expertise includes installations, maintenance, advisory and consultancy. With all the existing Lightning Protection Technologies (LPT) at our disposal, we combine industry expertise and innovative technology to deliver the best protection solution. We are partners to Aplicaciones Tecnologicas (, the world foremost manufacturers of lighting protection technology.

FMC Protection Technologies Ltd (All Technologies for Lightning Protection) offer wide range of solutions for protection against lightning.
Our Areas of expertise:

1. External Protection (Thunder Arrester-DAT Controller installation & maintenance)

2. Overvoltage Protection solutions for (Transient Over Voltage ,Permanent Over voltage & Residual low voltage protection)
3. Earthing Solutions (Earth pit installation & maintenance)
4. Exothermic welding (Aluminothermic  welding-molecular union )
5. Preventive Protection (Storm Detector installation & maintenance)

Other Solutions Offered by FMC Protection Technologies Ltd

  • Security Solutions (Video Surveillance ,Access & Attendance Management ,Alarm Systems)
  • Fleet Management System(Vehcile Tracking System ,Fuel Monitoring System ,Smart GSM based Solutions)
  • Automation Solutions (Home & Office )- Inverters & Batteries 
  • ERP Solutions (A GMP Complaint ERP Solution with Mobile App)
  • Power Solutions Consultancy -Projects ,LV Panels – Switchgears, Power Systems,Lighting,Procurement Services
  • Industrial Safety Shoes- Distributor of India's Premium Brand Safety Shoes
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